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Change Is Good

… when you’re ready for it

Many of the changes in our lives are something we anticipate with excitement. A new car or home. Marriage or children. The retirement you’ve worked so hard to earn. Financial security makes all of those changes even better. For the difficult transitions — like job loss, illness or divorce — being in a strong position financially can ease those burdens. Oxford Planning Group is there for you.

Oxford Planning Group
Oxford Planning Group

Change Is Inevitable

… and we’re here to help

Other advisors might meet with you annually, but that’s not the way our lives work.

Oxford Planning Group’s approach is to review your plan any time and adjust it when needed. Whether you’re new to financial planning or a seasoned investor looking for a second opinion, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Why our differences matter to you

Oxford Planning Group

Oxford Planning Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering unbiased guidance. We don’t receive a commission for selling a particular stock or mutual fund the way a broker does. We are bound by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, showing that we are committed to the best interest of each client when acting on their behalf.

Oxford Planning Group

Client education is our priority and passion. We don’t expect our clients to come in knowing everything there is to know about personal finance. From the newest investors to those who have invested for decades, it’s exciting for us to see our clients make informed decisions because we’ve taken the time to answer every question.

Oxford Planning Group

Our advice is completely personalized. There’s more than one way to reach a goal, so we adapt our plans to your investment time frame, with a comfortable level of risk and reward, and always with your individual objectives in mind. With many of our long-term clients, we have become a part of their lives because we’ve come to know them so well.

Services by Oxford Planning Group

Oxford Planning Group - Investment Management

Investment Management

It’s never too soon to meet with a financial planner. Over time, your goals will change and many aspects of your life are going to shape your financial future. At Oxford Planning Group, we create a “living plan” that adapts with you at any time.

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Oxford Planning Group - Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement doesn’t mean being overly frugal with every decision. With the advice of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) from Oxford Planning Group, you can enjoy what life has to offer while still heading toward your goals for a fulfilling retirement.

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Oxford Planning Group - Estate Planning


Your family will thank you for planning ahead. Creating an estate plan now can guide your family and help to avoid painful disagreements or frustrating misunderstandings about the distribution of your money, investments and property after you’re gone.

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Oxford Planning Group - Qualified Plan Consulting

Qualified Plan Consulting

For an employer or a trustee of an employer-sponsored plan, they can be held personally liable for their decisions. There’s also the possibility of financial penalties if the actions of those administering the plans are not in compliance. We will help to reduce the risk.

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