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At Oxford Planning Group we hope you will be amazed by a unique experience. In our Blog we will include periodic information and viewpoints that we hope you will find interesting. We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and if you'd like to learn more about any specific area, please just let us know.

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At Oxford, we continually strive to provide the latest technology and tools to help provide the best financial planning and investment planning possible.  Most of the time we do the planning and provide all of the reports. Occasionally, our clients ask if there is a simple way they can “play" with some of the calculations.  This is where we can point everyone to the calculators on our website.  These can be found under our "Resources" tab under "Calculators".


As a firm, we are here to serve our clients and to help them achieve their goals and to take the responsibility of managing these areas off of their plates.  We feel this approach has been rewarding for both ourselves and our clients.  For those times that you want to try “what if” scenarios yourself, these calculators can be helpful.  On this screen you will find loan calculators, lease versus loan for a car, retirement plan calculators and much more.  Enjoy.  These tools can be helpful to brainstorm and experiment.  You might also find these tools useful with children and grandchildren who are looking for ideas.  


As always, we are here for you at any time and are always excited to run projections and help work through ideas.  We also love to meet new family members, so please let them know that in addition to the tools, we are always happy to talk with them further.    

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