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Estate Planning

An estate plan can be built over time, through each of life’s stages.

The Right Age to Create an Estate Plan

Clients ask us, “When is the right time to start thinking about estate planning?” You may be surprised at our answer: Come talk to us anytime. You may feel your estate isn’t large enough to protect. Or that you aren’t “wealthy” yet. Maybe you believe that your family will know what to do once you’re gone. There’s a strong chance they don’t.

Estate Planning Can:

  • Help to reduce the tax burden on your family after you pass.
  • Provide financial support for your spouse, children or other people you name as beneficiaries.
  • Allow for the management of your wealth if you are disabled or incapacitated.
  • If you are a business owner, specify how you want to transfer your business
  • Specify a guardian(s) for your children under 18 or a disabled child of any age.

It’s difficult to consider these events and be ready to make decisions about them now. We can talk you through these aspects of estate planning and also connect you with our attorney colleagues who specialize in estate planning so that your wishes can be properly and legally documented.

Estate Planning Is a Gift to Your Family

You may be uncomfortable talking to family members, but those tough conversations now can really make a difference in their future.Estate Planning Services - Oxford Planning Group An estate plan lessens the possibility of confusion or disagreements about the distribution of your money, investments and property. This is especially meaningful to your family in a time of grief or in the event of a health emergency.

  • We will ask if you have a medical directive and power of attorney in place to guide your family in making difficult decisions about end-of-life care.
  • We will help you to review your beneficiaries for various accounts, 401Ks and employee retirement plans to be sure those are still the people you trust or who can benefit most, or name a nonprofit organization as a beneficiary.
  • We can facilitate conversations with your family to objectively provide guidance that gets everyone one the same page and sets expectations.
  • We can help you review the potential benefits of establishing a trust.

Your Circumstances Will Change

To us, estate planning isn’t “set it and forget it.” We provide ongoing guidance, adjust the plan regularly and ask the right questions about your life to recognize when changes might be needed. This hands-on approach and our high level of ongoing communication define Oxford Planning Group.

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