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Qualified Plan Consultants

Learn about your options for employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Qualified Plan Consultants Help to Manage Your Liability

Qualified Plan Services - Oxford Planning GroupEmployers and plan trustees are personally liable for the decisions they make (and even the decisions of others) regarding the employer-sponsored plans they offer. They are legally responsible as well, subject to financial penalties. It can be overwhelming, but our qualified plan consultants can help to ease their minds and their workloads. We’ll review with you the options that can best meet the needs of your organization while offering your employees retirement plans that can serve their needs as well.

Ongoing Employee Education

Educating your employees about the options can help to reduce your liability because you’ve taken the responsibility of keeping them informed. Although our qualified plan consultants can’t offer guidance to a specific individual, we can provide an overview of how employees, in general, can go about choosing from among employer-sponsored plan options to meet their needs.

Qualified Plan Consultants with Experience

Our team is led by Shaun Eddy, who has earned both the Certified Financial Planner Practitioner (CFP®) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designations. Both of these designations carry a code of ethics that includes a commitment to fiduciary standards and are a commitment to act in our clients’ best interests. We can host presentations for your group at your workplace, along with providing educational materials at any time of year.

We work with plan trustees and fiduciaries to:

  • Design and establish a prudent fiduciary due diligence process
  • Record the fiduciary roles of trustees and investment advisors
  • Design an Investment Policy Statement for your plan
  • Deliver ongoing employee education
  • Provide due diligence on existing vendors
  • Monitor your vendors’ fees and services
  • Monitor plan investments
  • Analyze your fund lineup and recommend changes if needed
  • Review diversification of the plan assets
  • Analyze fees being assessed to the plan
  • Serve as an investment fiduciary to your plan
  • Conduct semiannual plan reviews with your investment committee

Learn about Qualified Plan Consulting.