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Investment Management

We bring together the pieces of your financial life to create a complete picture and an actionable plan.

Turn to a CFP® for Investment Management

Oxford Planning GroupMany people don’t start thinking about investment management until their 30s, typically when they’re headed toward life’s biggest transitions: buying a home, having children or advancing in their career. We believe you can start talking to a financial advisor on Day 1 of your first job — and at any age. We recommend working with a Certified Financial Planner. That is because a CFP® is held to a higher industry standard. Unlike a broker who is working for a commission, we are fiduciaries who provide independent and unbiased guidance. We are fee-based, meaning that we are paid a small fee based on the size of your portfolio. Our success is linked to yours.

Every Plan Is Customized

We have the years of experience to know that there’s more than one way to meet your goals through investment management. That can mean recommending certain types of investments in different market sectors that will help you to feel comfortable with the level of risk that any investor has to face. We can also recommend options for reducing taxes, where you can choose to designate part of your income each year for IRAs, employer-sponsors retirement plans and plans just for business owners — but only for the amount that feels right to you.

Talk to Us Any Time

Your goals can change, and so many factors in your life can change, so we create what we at Oxford Planning Group call a “living plan.” You can reach out to us any time at all to review your plan and help to keep you on track. We’ll stay on top of your plan with regular analysis and rebalancing and communicate with you often about your portfolio when there’s an important change. Have a question? Ask us anything. Education is a big part of what we do and what we love, including clients we’ve had for decades, along with other investors who have come to us for a second opinion. You may be a do-it-yourself type of person who just doesn’t have the time anymore or someone who isn’t getting the results they want. Let us show you how we can make it easier — and even fun — to plan how to spend and save today and well into retirement.

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