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Retirement Planning

Build wealth now, protect it always, and spend it wisely during retirement.

Protect What You’ve Earned with Retirement Planning

Oxford Planning GroupPeople are so often focused on the finish line of retirement that they may not consider how to protect their portfolio along the way. At Oxford Planning Group, retirement planning looks ahead to all of the possibilities — both positive and negative. We’ll review strategies that have the potential to reduce tax liability, such as Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, employee savings plans and health saving plans. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) like ours can help you to be proactive against life’s unfortunate events. For instance, we can recommend how much coverage you need for life insurance, disability insurance and perhaps long-term care insurance. We get to know you well enough to recommend when it’s time to modify your coverage. The goal is to keep more of what you earn and then protect it.

Retire in Comfort and With Confidence

Clients are happily surprised when we show them that retirement planning doesn’t mean they have to scrimp and save for a comfortable lifestyle when they retire. We’re going to listen to what you say and take you through all of the options that can move you toward your retirement goals. We customize a plan just for you and then modify it as your life changes. We can also show you how your descendants can keep more with estate planning. Once you have retired, there’s an art to continuing to manage your money while pulling from your nest egg at the same time. We will look at the advantages of certain tax strategies, charitable contributions, social security distributions and more. Then we bring it all together in a plan, make it easy to understand, and let you enjoy one of the most fulfilling times of your life.

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