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Financial Services at Oxford Planning Group

Whether you are working or retired, financial services by an independent Certified Financial Planner is your most valuable asset.

Learn about Oxford’s financial services and how they can benefit your plan to build wealth.

Investment Management - Oxford Planning Group

Investment Management

It’s never too soon to meet with a financial planner. Over time, your goals will change and many aspects of your life are going to shape your financial future. At Oxford Planning Group, we create a “living plan” that adapts with you at any time.

Retirement Planning

Clients are pleased and relieved to learn that planning for retirement doesn’t mean being overly frugal with every decision. With the advice of a Certified Financial Planner from Oxford Planning Group, you can enjoy what life has to offer while still heading toward your goals for a fulfilling retirement.

Retirement Planning Services - Oxford Planning Group
Estate Planning Services - Oxford Planning Group

Estate Planning

Your family will thank you for planning ahead. Creating an estate plan now can guide your family and help to avoid painful disagreements or frustrating misunderstandings about the distribution of your money, investments and property after you’re gone.

Qualified Plan Consulting

For an employer or a trustee of an employer-sponsored plan, they can be held personally liable for their decisions. There’s also the possibility of financial penalties if the actions of those administering the plans are not in compliance. Beware of the risk.

Qualified Plan Services - Oxford Planning Group